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I was anxiously waiting for 6:00pm to come around so I could clock out of work and let the weekend begin. The short drive to Ringing Rocks Family Campground was scenic but slightly frustrating since T-Mobile has such weak service. I was skeptical about this campground since I had never heard of it before but checking in alone showed me I had nothing to worry about. The office had a beautiful store stocking everything you could have possibly forgotten, the staff was very friendly and there's even a game room. The campground also holds events so you can definitely keep yourself busy here. On their schedule I noticed a painting event, hayrides and a free wine tasting! They also have a nice size pool and clean bathrooms with showers. Once I was given my map to our tent sites which were T8 & T9, I drove up and set up my tent. This was my first time setting up the tent because Andrew usually always does it but I'm proud to say I did an awesome job. 

Ryan and his new girlfriend Emali showed up just before dark in time to set up their tent and help me get a fire going. 

We sat by the fire waiting until Mari arrived around 10:30pm then Juliana finally showed up around 1:00am which is when we went straight to bed. 

About 7:00am Saturday morning, we are woken up by the children playing and yelling. It's a family campground though, what can you expect. Kevin surprised us and showed up not too long after. Our neighbors wound up cooking too much breakfast & kindly offered it to us which was pretty lucky being we brought no real food. 

After breakfast, I returned the plates, thanked them and we took a 15 minute drive to Delaware River Tubing. The place was packed with people which became frustrating because it was like trying to navigate through cattle. We signed waivers, checked in, got our tubes and stood in line in the blazing heat to get loaded onto a bus to go to the river.

 Other than having a canoe jabbing me in my side and the bus bouncing like a basketball, the breeze was a relief from the heat. 

Once at our launching destination, we unloaded and carried our tubes down a shaded trail to the river. Here we put our connecting straps on and prepared for our journey down the Delaware Water Gap.

I recommend wearing water shoes for a couple reasons, one of them being that you don't have to worry about losing them like you do flip flops and the second, most important reason is because the river is all rocks so if you need to get out to go to the hot dog man or to guide your tube from a shallow area then your feet are protected. 

For about an hour and change we floated and laughed as we made our way to The Famous River Hot Dog Man for lunch which is included when you book Delware River tubing. Ryan pulled us up to the island where we left our tubes.

For lunch you get a choice of 1 hamburger or 2 hotdogs, a drink and a snack. The food wasn't anything to go home about but it was needed at that point in the trip and it was cool to order from basically a floating food truck. 

Back in the tubes, we floated for another two hours. The areas of slightly rough water were my favorite, I wish there were more.  It's a very relaxing ride overall, the scenery and the sounds of the birds is a nice break from a hectic work week.

Bring extra sunscreen, maybe even rent an extra tube without a bottom to put your things on if you can. They  told me I could bring a cooler but failed to mention that they didn't have spare floaties to put your things in so we wound up leaving it in the car because nobody wanted to hold on their lap, who would? We managed just fine but keep that in mind when going. 

 After our trip was over we loaded back onto the bus and headed back to the main building where we got into our cars, went back to the campground to shower and get ready for dinner.  When I was driving to the campground, I passed a cute restaurant called the Blue Corn Grill so we decided to go there for dinner. It is a BYOB Mexican restaurant about 10 minutes from the campground.

 The food was actually really good and we had a great time.  there is a liquor store just a block away so we stopped there to get whatever we wanted to drink with dinner. 

 The food was fresh and very filling.

 After dinner, Emali suggested we should go get ice cream. She had seen a cute place called Jimmy's nearby that also had Miniature Golf in Milford, NJ.  We decided to play some mini golf before ice cream so we could digest. 

The line for the ice cream was long enough to let you change your mind 100x before actually ordering. I realized once getting to the front that they also have special ice cream flavors on a chalkboard which you NEED to check out. I was going to go with my usual soft serve with rainbow sprinkles but a lavender honey flavor caught my eye and I had to try it. To my surprise, it was the best ice cream flavor I ever had! 

Back at the campground we started a fire, put on country music and played some games. The next day we woke up to pouring rain so we broke down our tents and headed home. I really enjoyed the campground, I can definatly see myself staying there again if I go to the area.

River Tubing: http://www.delawarerivertubing.com

Campground: http://ringingrocksfamilycampground.com

Ice-cream/Mini Golf:  Jimmy's Ice Cream 525 Milford Warren Glen Rd, Milford, NJ 08848

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