A Taste Of Country

The countdown to the Taste Of Country was finally down to only 10 hours away when Irina & I decided to go to bed before taking the 2 hour drive up to Hunter, New York to check into The Mountain View Log Cabin from HomeAway.com. After a short but restful nights sleep, we packed up the Outlander with our bags and Tango (my chinchilla), put on my Taste of Country Spotify playlist and jammed out all the way there.

Arriving just before noon, we had time to settle in and feed Tango before heading to the 94.3 The Wolf: Parking Lot Pre-Party at MacGregor's Pub. Pulling up to the custom built tri-level log home, the first thing I noticed is the breathtaking view of the mountains.

The front porch provides natural wood chairs for you to sit in while looking at the slopes.

The front door opens into a wide open living area connected to the kitchen with stone floors.

This cabin really puts you in the mountain spirit with all the fire places, wood and forest decor. With 5 bedrooms & 3.5 baths, you have plenty of room for friends and family without feeling over crowded.

My favorite part of this home was the loft, it has 3 single beds and overlooks the mountain.

Outside there is an adorable tree swing on the side of the house to take in the panoramic views of the countryside, which Derrin is clearly enjoying in the photo below.

There is also a hammock if you want to relax in the sun or read a book.

The pool table in the basement, sauna, football table, fireplaces and big TV's were a huge plus.

This home exceeded my expectations and we plan to come back here in the winter for snowboarding.

Irina & I got changed and headed to MacGregor's Pub for some food, drinks & live music. Macgregor's pub had parking for $20 for the day and it is right across the street from the entrance to Hunter Mountain. We ordered honey fried chicken and some drinks before taking the hike up the hill to the entrance for the Taste of County concert. The service wasn't all that great, maybe they are used to a lower volume of people but it just seemed like they couldn't handle it. Our drink orders were forgotten and my drink came back wrong 2 times before Irina took it and went up to the bartender herself to have it made. Regardless of the service, the food was pretty good.

After getting through security we checked out a bunch of vendors, each purchased hats and stopped to get some beers, we headed to the main stage just in time for Jimmie Allen's performance. Irina got a really cute cowgirl hat!

We were able to get pretty close to the stage and enjoy the music.

Needing new drinks, we headed back to the bar then over to the chair lift. It was $7.00 per person for a ride but totally worth it! The chairlift took over the main stage where Devin Dawson was playing at the time, brought us up the mountain which provided a cooling breeze and then back down the the base. The entire way down Irina was saying hello to every person that passed us on the opposite side.

My phone buzzed and it was Derrin texting me letting me know she was at the gate with Ryan so Irina & I headed back to the entrance to meet them.

We basically repeated the whole process that we did earlier before they came then got into the crowd of people for Kane Brown & Dustin Lynch's performances. By 9:00pm the temperature dropped to a point that we were shaking but it was almost time for Florida Georgia Line and we know what an amazing performance they give so we waited.

I layed down on the grass in fetal position trying to keep myself warm and talking to Andrew of the phone who had arrived at the house but there was no parking so he decided not to come. The cold was unbearable for me and I felt like I was going to get sick so I left the rest of the group there to enjoy the performance (I had seen FGL live before so it wasn't something I absolutely had to see) and I headed back to the house.

Driving back in the pitch black was a challenge, I missed the turn and had to flip around but I arrived safely. The house is only 5 minutes from the mountain which is very convenient. I greeted Andrew, heated up my food and we watched Live PD until the rest of the group got back which at that point they also joined us until we each headed to our rooms for some sleep.

Saturday morning I was the first one up so I got my yogurt, sat on the front porch and took in all the nature and tranquility. After everyone else woke up, they cooked up some breakfast while we waited for Juliana & Brian to arrive from Maryland. Once they got here, we took two cars to back to MacGregor's Pub for parking. Juliana & I opted for the trunk which I regretted 2 minutes into the ride because I was sweating and nauseous.

Using last night as a lesson, we brought a big blanket to all sit on and got more clothes to stay warm. The crowd today was significantly larger than yesterday which made it difficult to navigate and bathroom lines super long. Of course we rode the chair lift again until Rodney Atkins performance began which was then followed by Justin Moore & Eric Church.

Each day we were there we spent about $100.00 each between food and drinks, it was pretty rough. Sitting all together on our giant blanket we enjoyed the performances and even signed a strangers back!

The afternoon was spent drinking and taking selfies.

At one point a group of people formed a line in the path and were basically "crowd surfing people". There is a video of me riding the line on the instagram page @TheTravelExperiment but in the meanwhile here is a photo of Juliana trying to pull up a girl who basically face planted on another woman:

We left just a couple songs into Eric Church's set so we could beat the crowd of people heading out.

Sunday morning we packed up & cooked all the food we had left. I took a cute photo with Tango on the swing and kissed him good bye.

Andrew headed home with Tango so he wouldn't be in the heat in the car since check out was mid day. The rest of us went back to the mountain and did some more shopping before putting our blankets together on the lawn and laying down.

3 days of concerts and drinking was a lot. Irina knocked out for a bit and the rest of us just sat there and listened to Danielle Bradbery sing her heart out while we chowed down some delicious concert food.

Montgomery Gentry went on and that's when Derrin headed out, a few songs after them Juliana & Brian left.

Before the end of his performance, Irina, Ryan & I decided to go. We all really wanted to stay for Sam Hunt at 7:45 but we had a long drive and were completely drained of all of our energy. The three us gathered our things, walked back to our cars and went home.

The concert was really fun and I would go back but I wish that they had more popular artists throughout the day & didn't leave it to the last three when you are already tired. It would have made the price of the tickets and all the food and drinks you need to buy hurt a little less if you got more wanted performances out of the festival.

If you are interested in next year, you can visit www.TasteOfCountryFestival.com.

Home Rental Info:

To book the Mountain View Log Cabin visit this link https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p102390


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