Boarding at Bear Creek - Macungie, PA

What started out as a plan to visit Whitetail Mountain turned into a visit to Bear Creek in Macungie, PA. Nobody in the group wanted to travel too far without a promise of great powder so we decided to meet halfway. Bear Creek wound up being the mountain in the middle of Maryland and New Jersey. We rented a farmhouse on and crossed our fingers that the mountain would give us a good ride. This time of year you really don't know what to expect because it is the end of the season but we take what we can get.

Friday night, we all headed to our 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom AirBnB on Hemphill Farm to settle in and relax. Pulling up late a night I noticed a tall pine tree reaching up into a black night sky full of stars. It was peaceful and it also made me think of "Jeepers Creepers" where that thing dives out of the sky and grabs you, so that quickly made me panic and run into the house. The house was spotless, the beds were super comfy and there was plenty of room for the five of us.

I made some popcorn to snack on and to fill the house with a warm, familiar scent while we watched "Live PD" on the super fluffy couches. Andrew and I were trying to stay up while waiting for Juliana, Brian and Ryan to show up. I ate my popcorn then fell asleep curled up in a ball. I woke up to Ryan calling me trying to get in, apparently we didn't hear him banging on the door....oops. Sorry Ryan!

Everyone arrived so we cracked open some beers and caught up with each other and made fun of the people on Live PD. We all started to get heavy eyed and decided to call it a night around midnight. Juliana knocked out first so we all fell behind after her. It's not easy to stay awake on these couches!

Saturday morning I set out to check out the grounds while everyone was asleep. There were sheep lining the side of the property, I spent a good deal of time trying to pet one but they seemed uninterested. I don't blame them, I had nothing to offer but my hand. They were so cute though, especially the babies.

Once everyone was up, we headed to Bear Creek to check out the slopes. Being it was Spring Fling weekend, the tickets were only $25.00! The lodge was huge, definitely one of the nicer lodges I have ever been to. They also have a resort attached that has a pool, spa and restaurants. We got on the lift and headed up the mountain.

I never tried snowboarding holding a GoPro and guess what, I did horrible. I couldn't balance, I felt like a fish out of water so I handed it off to Andrew. Once I had my hands free, I felt better going down. I wasn't too happy with the snow consistency though, it was very sandy and slushy in some spots. What do you expect for the end of the season.

As I got near the bottom where Brian was waiting, I started telling him how it's so much easier without the GoPro and as I finish my sentence ,I catch and edge and slam down onto my knees and stomach. Fail. I was really hoping not to do that because I recently hurt my knee (I have no idea how) so I wore a knee brace to protect myself. After that fall I decided to take a rest and head back to the lodge to make sure I was alright. Walking back, I came across of beautiful pond so I didn't mind the walk all too much.

I sat inside while they went down the slopes a few more times before coming back to check on me and get lunch. Luckily the Wi-fi was strong and I had a great view of the mountain so I was pretty content hanging out in there while they did their runs.

For lunch we hit the cafeteria that had tacos, hot dogs and fries. The food was alright, nothing to brag about. After lunch, we hung out at the table before taking a trip to the game room to play some very heated games of foosball.

Back to the slopes we did a few runs and everyone had a great time despite the snow quality. It was a fun mountain so I think we may revisit it next year during peak season to really get the full experience of it.

After a couple hours of boarding we went back to the farmhouse to dry off and take a break. The boys went to the store while Juliana and I tried to pet the sheep (still failed) and check out the rest of the property. Around the back of the house we came across a huge sectioned pen with fancy ducks, big chickens, pretty pigeons and the most important...Porkella the pig! She was a feisty lady, snorting at us for food. This is where we met Will, the groundskeeper. Will was very knowledgeable about the animals and friendly as could be.

We hung around the house, played video games and ate pizza for a few hours before heading back to the slopes for some night riding. I opted out because I kept falling and hung out in the hotel lobby by the fireplace overlooking the mountain. I went out towards the end to get some footage of the boys doing tricks in the park area.

They boarded until after dark before we went back to the house for bed. Nobody stayed up that night, we were all exhausted. The next day we gathered our belongings, said goodbye until next time and went our separate ways. Juliana, Brian & Ryan went back to the mountain for a few more runs. There was a pond skimming contest and Ryan decided to participate. The video will be up on our Instagram @TheTravelXperiment if you want to check it out.

I am sure we will be back sometime next year.

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