Boarding At Big Boulder - Blakeslee, PA

This weekend snowboarding trip to PA ranged from people who have never strapped into a board to people who have been snowboarding for 20 years. Clearly, the groups skill level was very diverse but Big Boulder Ski Area was able to accommodate us all and it gave us the opportunity to help each other improve. It rained for half of the time that we were there but that didn't stop us or put a damper on the fun.

Big Boulder Ski Area is devoting 50% of its overall terrain to park features. The base elevation is 1700 feet with a summit elevation of 2175 feet and a vertical drop of 475 feet. Big Boulder boasts the most progressive and innovative terrain park program. 15 different slopes to include: 4 Easiest (beginner slopes), 3 More Difficult (intermediate slopes), 3 Most Difficult (advanced slopes) and 5 Terrain Parks. Lifts:2 triples, 5 doubles and 2 ski carpets (1 at ski school and 1 at snow tubing) 2 surface lifts at snow tubing.

On Friday night, we all met up at our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lake side Big Boulder condo. The living room with the fireplace was the perfect spot to all spend some time together. We wound up making a fire & having some drinks. Deanna had us all download an app called "Evil Apples". The game is basically Cards Against Humanity but you can each join the game on your phones and it keeps track of points and such. We played for hours, it had us cracking up until 3:00 am when we decided we should probably go to bed if we want to ever get on the slopes the next day.

Saturday morning we did a Dunkin Donuts run, geared up and took a short 2 minute drive from the condo parking lot to the slopes parking lot. Our group consisted of two expert snowboarders: Josh & Brian; 4 intermediate boarders: Nikol (myself), Juliana, Sammy & Andrew; and 2 beginners: Deanna & Jess.

We split up and did the trails compatible to our levels. Juliana and I stuck together most of the time, figuratively and literally because I ran into her a couple times. We have managed to step up our game though, we now spend more time on our boards than our butts. Juliana is doing really well with maneuvering whereas I am doing really well with speed. One day we will get it down pact!

Andrew stuck with me sometimes but stayed mostly with Josh & Brian due to his natural athletic ability. This year, Andrew was actually able to do a couple of the rails in the smaller park, he's improved a lot since the last time we went to Shawnee Mountain. It was exciting watching him make small jumps but it was equally hilarious as it was exciting watching him bust his ass.

Sammy (red hair) took to ski's this time around. She usually snowboards but wants to switch to ski's to be able to film snowboarders, her boyfriend Josh in particular, do tricks in park areas. She dedicated some time to teaching Deanna the ropes.

Deanna and Jess stuck to the bunny hills as this was Deanna's first time snowboarding ever! Watching the two of them in general will make you laugh, they are so goofy. Jess had skied before but was a little rusty, this trip got her back up on her feet!

I asked Deanna how her first time snowboarding was and she replied "It was super exciting. Definitely hard and really scary because it was easy to just go fast down the mountain but getting control to stop was hard. Riding the lift was super hard too. I've never done that either, I landed it once though! As you could tell I was super excited about learning and was super shaky. I had fun, also surprisingly not that sore."

She was literally shaking with excitement as she showed me the video of her going down the hill, it was so cute.

After a couple hours, we took a break at Big Boulder Park Lodge for some food and drinks. We needed to refuel.

The hot dogs & cheesesteak tater tots were good but the sliders were horrible! Stay away from the burgers, nobody was feeling too hot after those things. The view of the park & the fire pit were way better than what we ate.

It started raining but we still did a few more runs down the mountain. The chairlifts were soaked, we were soaked but we still had a blast. We went down the intermediate slopes a couple times then hit the beginner park to try some tricks. We tended to spend most of our time in the intermediate area.

Visibility was very low and getting dangerous so we stopped. Also, we were exhausted. We headed main lodge for some beers and to dry off. There was a bare knuckle competition at 4:30 which Josh signed up for so we hung inside until then.

We gathered around the bottom of the slope and watched people do flips and tricks for about an hour. Josh had us as his own little support squad, he did great and we are very proud of him!

We even climbed up the jump to the MC's tent with the DJ and hung out up there. The completion was a blast, so was sliding down the jump. The best thing about being an adult is getting to act like kids but having alcohol involved and nobody telling you no. Below is is Brian keeping his beer safe like a responsible adult while sliding down on his butt.

After getting home, exhausted and half alive. We had dinner, showered and hung out by the fire. Most of us went to bed pretty early.

Sunday morning, we got our stuff together, said our good byes, took photos and planned our next trip...Whitetail Ski Resort in PA. We plan to go in March, weather permitting.

Everyone loaded in their cars and headed home. Andrew and I talked about what I great time we have and how impressed we were with how much each of us as grown with our skill levels. We also talked about how sore we were! This is yet another weekend we will never forget.

Below is the information for this trip.

Lodging: property #753701. Click here to be directed to the exact listing.

Mountain: Big Boulder Mountain - 357 Big Boulder Dr, Lake Harmony, PA 18624

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