Epcot Park Guide

Please make sure to grab a park map. Each section is be color coated to match the map. This guide goes in order from where you should start to where you should finish. Get your FastPass+ ASAP by downloading the My Disney Experience Mobile App 30 days before you arrive (60 days if you are staying at a Disney Resort) and choosing your rides. Before you start, be sure you link your park admission to your account and add the people you’re planning with to your Family & Friends list. For one park per day of your visit, secure up to 3 FastPass+ selections for popular attractions.

Arrive at the park before it opens so get a good nights rest! This guide includes where to drink for the unofficial "Drinking Around the World"

Missed your chance for FastPass+ ? Everyday at 10:37am Disney releases more.

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Future World East

#1 Walk to the giant globe to get onto Spaceship Earth to travel through time. (FP+)

#6 Test Track - create your own car and race your friends. (FP+)

Future World West

#13 Get on Soarin' and fly around the world. (FP+)

#14 Cruise through multimedia agricultural displays and the 4 working greenhouses on Living With The Land. (FP+)

#18 Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival - Experience popular Disney and Pixar short films like never before in 4D. (I was hesitant on this but I wound up LOVING it, do not miss this)

World Show Case

#28 Mexico

-Grab a margarita or sangria outside & go in the Plaza de Los Amigos. Here, it's always twilight, the perfect backdrop for the smoking volcano and the grand Mayan pyramid in the background. There are colorful carts and shops offering Mexican jewelry, Kahlua, pottery, clothing and leather goods. You can get the famous Jalapeño Margarita at La Cava Del Tequila but expect a big wait.

-Get in line for the Grand Fiesta Tour boat ride (if you haven't finished your drink, hide it in your bag or under your shirt until you get on the ride) The line goes very very fast so don't be discouraged.

- If you are hungry, sit down at La Cantina De San Angel inside pyramid, they serve nachos, tacos, beer & margaritas. Otherwise wait until China.

- Tip: Show your server you follow @CavadelTequila to score free chips and salsa.

#29 Norway

- I heard the Frozen Ever ride was great but we opted to skip. It is a wooden viking ship ride through the fantastical world of Frozen.

- Nothing great here in terms of food or drink. Viking Coffee ( (Baileys Irish Cream and Kamora Coffee Liqueur) or Carlsberg Draft beer at Kringla Bakery Og Cafe.

#30 China

- Mango-ginger margaritas, Canto Loopy (cantaloupe juice spiked with vodka) & green tea-plum wine slushes at The Joy of Tea

-If you need to cool down, check out the 14 minute long Reflections Show. It's a 360 degree screen cinematography of China, it's not great. but it's cold

-The Chinese food is on point, so if your hungry you can eat here.

#31 Germany

- The Biergarten Restaurant: Barenjager Honey & Bourben cocktail or Schofferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen

#32 Italy

- Sit down for an authentic Italian meal.

- Don't forget to stop at the Gelato cart!

- Via Napoli has the Frizzante cocktail (a mix of Campari, mandarin orange juice and Prosecco) & Tipo Pils draft beer.

#33 America

- Stay away from the American Adventure show, it's long & boring

-The American Dream Slushie is red slush with vanilla ice cream & blue slush on the bottom. There are also craft beers & whiskey spiked frozen lemonade at The Smokehouse.

#34 Japan

- Explore the scenery. There is a pretty waterfall bridge with flower lanterns.

-The Mitsukoski Department Store is full of cool stuff.

- Katsura Grill has Sake.

#35 Morocco

- This place is awesome to walk around in. You really feel like you are in the country. It was definitely one of the favorites.

- There is a full service bar with a cocktail list & Mediterranean beers. Try Andalusian Nights, Spice Road Signature Sangria or Casa Beer.

#36 France

- Les Vins de Chefs de France kiosk has a Grand Marnier & Grey Goose Orange Slush that takes like a creamsickle.

- If you want to sit & relax, there is a 15 min long film capturing the beauty & charm of France in the 80's.

#38 United Kingdom

- Explore the gardens, fairy tale elements, music, and good food

- Rose & Crown - try the Guinness Shandy (Guinness & sprite), Bumblebee (Guinness & Boddingtons) or the Welsh Dragon Cocktail

#39 Canada

-O Canada! is a circle vision film hosted by Martin Short who brings humor and entertainment to the beautiful scenes. It's 14 minutes long.

- The Popcorn in Canada food Cart: fresh popcorn, La Fin Du Monde Beer & Torontopolition cocktail.

Note: Please keep in mind, this guide is for adults only, it skips over all of the kiddy stuff we won't enjoy, so don't use this is you are going with your children.

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