Mango's Tropical Cafe Dinner & Show - Orlando, Fl

Get out of your everyday dinner routine and spice up your night at Mango's Tropical Cafe. They have a "dinner & show" every night! Each show features live performances including Samba, Cuban Conga and a Michael Jackson Tribute, along with a bunch more. Their singers and dancers put their heart and soul into their routines to make these performances unforgettable. I haven't experienced any restaurant quite like Mango's and that is what makes it so unique. I have to say by far the Michael Jackson Tribute was my favorite, everyone went crazy when the performer pulled off a flawless moonwalk.

Mango's is hard to miss when pulling up. The venue is enormous and lit up brighter than the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Just the exterior building alone screams a good time. This place belongs in Las Vegas without a doubt.

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After being pat down by security, we waited in the extravagant lobby for a short time before being escorted to our table by a beautiful hostess in a curve hugging leopard leotard. Make sure to make dinner reservations before going, you can do so on their website linked at the end of the blog.

We were seated close to the stage, given our menus and introduced to our bubbly waiter. The drink menu was extensive and very tempting. If I could try all of them without dying of alcohol poisoning, I probably would have. I went with a frozen strawberry margarita and ended with a rum & coke. Each drink was perfectly balanced. Side note: Having bartenders that can make consistent, well balanced drinks is beyond important. I have gone to many restaurants/bars that got me super excited for a drink off their menu but failed to execute it properly, the alcohol overpowered everything or it was beyond too sweet which ruined my experience. I did not have that problem at Mangos, come here for food or just come for drinks, you won't be disappointed. The food menu consisted of Mexican, Italian, Latin and Caribbean dishes. There was plenty to choose from whether you wanted pasta, chicken, ribs or a salad. I went with the "Prime Rib Sliders"which were bursting with flavor.

Throughout the venue, there were little waterfalls and tropical decorations. The bars were stunning and the lights were plentiful. The first floor had a bar that wrapped around the back of the stage. When you go, pay attention to all the detail that was put into this building, you will really appreciate it.

Up the elegant staircase was a whole other level with 2 more bars, another club and VIP table areas for when this place comes to life at night. My overall experience at Mango's was hands down a 5 star rating. Everything was excellent from the service to the entertainment. A great place for your birthday party, a night out with friends/family or just for a change of pace for dinner. Mango's is suitable for all ages and will have you talking about your night for days.

I hope you get the chance to visit Mango's or one if their locations. You can check out their website for more information.

Location visited:

Mango's Tropical Cafe

8126 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

(407) 673-4422

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