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Sunday Spa Day! I have been thinking and I want to try to go to a spa once a month to just melt away some stress. Today, I checked out King Spa & Fitness in Palisades Park, NJ with my friend Deanna. King Spa is a Korean Spa that is open 24/7 (there is a cleaning period in which they stop allowing guests in but do not kick you out and that is between 3am and 6am). Admission is usually $45 but if you go to Groupon, you get over 30% off! Groupon usually has the coupon running but if not, just go to their website for a discount.

The spa contains 3 levels which consist of a men's spa & a women's spa, hot and cold saunas, massage rooms, a restaurant/ food court, lounges with games and laptops, a juice bar, men & women's salons and places to rest. There is so much to explore here. Below I have provided a layout of the spa.

The first thing we did after checking in at the front desk and getting our wristbands was change into our very unflattering, bubblegum pink uniforms they provide you with. You feel goofy wearing these clothes at first but everyone is wearing them so you quickly become comfortable. After changing we went to the desk and booked our appointments (I recommend you do this ahead of time because the spots can fill up). I booked a 30 min foot massage and Deanna booked a 1 hour body scrub & wet massage. Here is a price list of what they offer:

Our times were all set so we went to the salon to book our pedicures together. For any services, food or drink you want, you scan the wrist band you are given at check-in and pay the balance when you check-out. The salon is the only thing separate from the spa as far as charges go, so bring your card or cash.

After all of the services were in order and out of the way we went to check out some of the saunas. It was hard to find ones that weren't already full. We went in the Mineral Salt Sauna which was about 115 degrees. This sauna is built by rock and salt along with various minerals from the state of Utah. It helps you sweat out toxins from your body. Salt not only accelerates our metabolism, it provides important nutrients such as minerals, sodium, potassium, nickel, iron and zinc. Minerals help to cleanse our blood, help our digestive system, and assist liver functions to prevent proteins to be wasted in our body.

I needed to cool off and hydrate so we got some water then headed to the Ice Sauna. The rapid decrease in body temperature contracts blood vessels which stimulates circulation and oxygen intake. It can also be helpful to people with asthma and other respiratory problems.

Some people were peeking in the ice room and I noticed a girl was holding a juice which of course made me want one. Right next to the ice room is a fresh juice bar. I got a carrot juice and Deanna got a pineapple juice which we took with us to sip on during our pedicures. I got a glittery red in spirit of Christmas and she got a pretty sparkly pink. Below is a list of the services the salon offers.

Now that our toenails were looking beautiful as ever, we went back down to the sauna in the women's spa before retiring to the Relaxing Room's giant reclined chairs for a nap. This room has a television that is on mute (it sometimes loses connection which hopefully they will fix soon), plays music at a low volume and the lights are very dim. I loved listening to the water run down the rock fountains so I could have done without the music playing.

Below is a photo of Deanna basking in the warmth of the sauna in the women's area.

We went our separate ways come time for our massages. Deanna went for her body scrub & wet massage and I went for my foot rub. Upon entering the foot, hand & shoulder massage room, I noticed there wasn't much decor. It was more of a straight to business kind of thing, it reminded me of a physical therapy center but with dimmed lights. Turns out it wasn't just a foot massage, it incorporated reflexology. The benefits include relaxation and improved lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. These benefits help relieve the effects of stress, which in turn helps your body find balance and heal itself. The session started off way too rough for me so I quickly let him know to take it down a notch. Never be scared to tell your masseuse what you like and don't like. Make sure to speak up because it's your time to relax. When the session was over, my feet felt so fluffy. It was like walking on clouds.

Over at Deanna's massage was what she described to me as "a life changing experience". Personally, I do not like Korean massages, they are way too rough but she loves the beating as do many people so more power to ya! The body scrub & wet massage takes place in the women's sauna. You completely strip down and are sent into the steam room to open up your pores. She said it was so steamy in there, she could barely breathe but enjoyed it. After her pores were ready, she walked over to her section and laid down on the wet table. There are a bunch of massage tables along the back wall that are separated by small walls. Each section has two tables so you need be okay with laying naked next to another woman. Her masseuse rubbed her entire body down with an exfoliating scrub then repeated the process a second time. Deanna claimed to see her dead skin cells come off as the process took place. An invigorating cucumber mask, oil massage and hot towels followed the rub down, accompanied by a face and scalp massage. She was washed off like a baby, they even shampooed her hair!

As I waited on Deanna to get out of her appointment, I visited the Gold Pyramid Sauna which has to be one of the coolest saunas there.

This pyramid is built from 24k genuine gold leaves. It activates human bio-energy, enhances immunity against disease, and has an anti-aging effect on the skin. By revitalizing the inner energy, it increases the immunity against diseases. Also, by increasing the process to release harmful materials from the body, it has great effect on preventing certain diseases, maintaining firm skin as well as preventing the aging process. In gold, there is nerve relaxing effect, detoxification effect, skin cleansing effect, arthritis relief, as wells as neuralgia which have been stated in herbal medicine teachings. The sauna was about 110 degrees and someone was fast asleep, snoring away. It was pretty comical.

We spent about 6 hours at King Spa and easily could have spent longer. We didn't go in most of the saunas since it was so packed. In total I wound up spending $110.00 which consisted of the discounted entry, 1 juice, a 30 mixture foot reflexology massage and a pedicure. I really do recommend at least coming here once using the Groupon. It's a fun experience and I know I will definitely be back!

Side Note: If you aren't comfortable with nudity, the isn't your place as far as the pools and the wet massages. Men and women lockers room are obviously separate so you won't see a naked man running around but all the women are totally exposed. The womens sauna area consists of showers, pools, steam room and wet massage area which provide zero privacy, even the showers are open. If you just want to go for the saunas then you are fine!

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