A Trail Ride with a Twist

A perfect summer day: not too hot, slightly overcast, low humidity and a cool night.

19 of us met at Echo Lake Stables for a trail ride at 5:30pm that would hold a place in our memories. For some it was their first time ever on a horse, for others it wasn't anything new. We each climbed into the saddles of our cleverly named horses and rode single file into the shady woods.

The trail ride was an hour and a half, an hour would have been perfect but you need about 26 people to be able to alter the trail ride time. The horses gave us plently to laugh about when stopping to rub up on a tree, go to the bathroom or eat some plants. The trail was peaceful, deep and cool. We were surrounded by trees for as far as the eye can see.

Once we arrived back at the stable and dismounted our horses, we took a bathroom break and ran to grab our beers before climbing up into the tractor pulled hayride. The sun was setting as we bumped our way back into the woods.

Every one had their phones out taking pictures of the sun setting behind the mountains and getting some selfies before the lighting was too dim.

We approached an opening in the trees where there was a roaring bon fire, a dj playing some upbeat country music and hot dogs & burgers sizzling on the grill.

There were chips, Twinkies, marshmallows, sodas & waters all there for us to enjoy with our food.

We ate until our bellys were full and then roasted Twinkies and marshmallows to finish off an awesome campfire meal.

The dj made sure to get us up off our feet to dance the cotton eye joe, Cupid shuffle and a few other energizing line dances. We danced the night away with endless laughter and conversation.

This is a great way to spend an evening in the summer and we urge you to take this night ride experience at Echo Lake Stables. If you really want to go all out, go camping at Stokes State Forest like we did, it is about 45 min from the Stable.

If you are interested in doing a night ride at Echo Lake Stables give them a call at



55 Blakely Ln, Newfoundland, NJ 07435

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