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You're first impression pulling up to Mountain View Vineyard will probably be "wow, this place is huge" because it sure was ours. This 101 acre farm surround an elegant wood and stone building at the top of a hill.

Before going inside, we explored the perimeter which consisted of a large deck overlooking the green vineyard, a lawn with picnik tables and a path that welcomed you to check out the vines up close.

Entering through the doors, we were greeted by a beautiful and welcoming hostess with a big smile on her face. She pointed us in the direction of the wine tour that was being lead by Linda Rice, the owner of Mountin View Vineyard.

We hopped on the tour and listened to her teach us about the growing process and

how their goal is to grow as close to organically as possible. They also host weddings and other events, so if you are looking for a vineyard worth spending your money on, this is definitely one to consider.

We were then lead to the beautiful deck where she showed us the newest section that contained Vienna grapes. Linda and her husband Randy are planning to take a trip for their anniversary to Italy to taste authentic Vienna wine so that they can replicate it as close as possible here at their winery. We also learned that for years, the two of them had jobs as a pharmacist and a teacher. Everyday for years they would come home from work and go out to chop down trees and rip out the roots to create their dream of owning a vineyard. If that's not the definition of dedication, I don't know what is.

Afterwards we headed to the Barrel Room which contained a long table, string lights and brand new equipment for brewing and wine making. In here we learned in depth about the wine making process. (This space is available for events also)

If you are interested in the the growing and wine making processes then you have to take this tour. Linda has a lot of knowledge to share.

Now on to what we came here for, WINE TASTING!!! Well actually, wine pairing. This is another reason I love this winery. I've been to many where they offer tastings but not pairings. Linda explained they do pairings because sometimes you go to a winery and buy a wine you like then you go home and have a glass with dinner and wind up not liking it as much. The reason is your taste buds change with the foods you eat so here we were able to see how the after eating, the taste of the wine totally changed. It was really cool to experience.

"Sip, Eat, Sip"

We got to choose 5 wines each and every wine was paired with a different food. She gave us background on each wine as we tasted them. Between us we tried:

-Bliss: White wine paired with pepper jack cheese

-Euphoria: white wine paired with a spicy jelly

-Aurora: white wine paired with chocolate pretzels

-Niagara: white wine paired with a pretzel twist with raspberry honey mustard dip (DIP WAS AMAZING)

-First Blush: rose wine paired with cranberry sauce

-Fruition: red wine paired with roasted red pepper and onion dip.

-Mountain Goat: red wine paired with mini peanut butter cup. Kind of like a grown up PB&J. A little too sweet for us but good for one glass as dessert.

-Red Rapture: dessert wine paired with chocolate truffle

-Black Magic: dessert wine paired with chocolate truffle

We were not fond of the dessert wine but we never are so I am not sure why we keep trying to like dessert wines. If you are a dessert wine person, I am sure you will love them but they are not up our alley. We fell in love with all the wine samples we tried so that in the end, it was hard to choose what to bring home. This is where self control came into play.

After the tasting, we placed an order with the Frogtown Bistro next to the wine bar. Off of the menu we selected:

1) Seared Ahi Tuna

2) Apple Smoked Pork Loin Sliders

3) Nut Crusted Brie

While we waited for our food to be prepared we slipped over to the wine slushy station for a glass of frozen goodness. We tried the Split Rail Red and the Peach Bellini Slush. They were equally delicious and refreshing. We picked out a table on the deck, enjoyed our slushes and the beautiful sun light.

The food was served to us and it almost looked too beautiful to eat but the aroma was irresistible. The food itself was as delicious as the presentation was stunning. The nut crusted brie was warm and gooey and the raspberry dip that was served along with it complimented the cheese perfectly. The seared ahi tuna was as fresh as if it just jumped out of the ocean. We were hesitant to order fish but after the first bite, all doubts disappeared. I could eat that tuna all day! Last but not least were the apple smoked pork loin sliders which were rich with flavor and full of tangy goodness.

What we admire about Mountain View Vineyard is the amount of honest, hard work put into making it happen and keeping it running. The owners are extremely passionate about what they do and it's very obvious when you listen to them speak and when you taste and see what they have to offer. It's not just about money, it's about the love for the craft and that's what makes them so special. It is also why we recommend having your event here if you ever need a venue. We firmly believe in supporting small businesses like this. This may be our new favorite winery and we will definitely be back!


Mountain View Vineyard

2332 Walters Road

Stroudsburg PA 1830


Bonus Story!

Mountain View Distillery


5866 Neola Road

Stroudsberg PA 18360

After finishing up at the winery, we just had to visit their distillery only a little over a mile down the road that is run by Linda's husband, Randy Rice. It is a quaint low-key spot with craft beers and moonshine.

We tried the beer flight which was hoppy and original in flavor. Afterwards we tried the spirit tasting which had us shoveling crackers into our mouths because we just don't handle pure alcohol too well. The last spirit with tried was the apple pie moonshine (40 proof) and that has us super excited! It tasted just like apple pie, it was easy to drink and a great treat. We bought a jar to bring home so everyone at home could taste how good it was. This is a good place to drop by if you are a craft beer enthusiast or if you love apple pie!

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