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We got this deal off of Groupon so if you plan to go, check Groupon and search Hampton Luxury Liner first otherwise it's about $180 a person.

7:15am on a Saturday, Christina & I hop into our Uber to 480 Lexington Ave, NYC. I've never seen the city so quiet, the side streets were like ghost towns and there wasn't a spot of traffic on the main roads. We arrived a bit early (a bit meaning like 45 min) and were expecting to find a building we were supposed to wait inside of that belonged to M&V Limousine. We were two very clearly confused women walking back and fourth, up & down between 46th & 47th streets before we decide to call the company for some direction. I'm describing my surroundings to the employee who explained it is just a meet up area, not the actual companies headquarters and all we had to do was look across the street to the giant 480 engraved in wall (oops!). So if you do decide to take this tour, note that you will see nothing that says M&V Limo, just got sit on the big outdoor stair case.

8:25am the bus arrives and we hurry to get to the front of the line so we can sit in the first seats (we both get motion sickness). The driver tells us our name isn't in the list, it'll be the next bus behind. Two buses later we get on our big white tour bus and get the front seats.

(This photo was taken at the vineyard, i didn't get one in the city because we were too concerned with getting the front)

We feel like the driver could have don't a little better with reaction time to stops, he frequently slammed on his brakes and it made us a bit uneasy. Also every set of seats had phone chargers (the household types, so bring a regular charger) except the front seats which was a bummer. Luckily, the nice couple behind us allowed me to use theirs.

The first stop is Osprey's Dominion Vineyard. Stepping off the bus, the weather was perfect. There were people playing corn hole, laughing and sipping their wines. We were given yellow slips of paper that listed the 5 wines we were to taste so we headed straight to the outdoor bar.

They gave us 4 whites and a rose which we were not very fond of (maybe you will like them but we didn't find them worth purchasing).

In the building you can find an indoor bar, souvenirs, bathrooms and food. We got a couple of Rose infused cupcakes and walked over to the lawn area. These were possibly the best cupcakes I've ever had. They were light, fluffy & just the right amount of sweet (also they matched Christina's nails perfectly). If you visit Osprey's Dominion Vineyard you HAVE to get these and some extra to bring home! I deeply regret not getting more.

We walked over to Harbor Lights Oyster Companies food cart and got 1 oyster each. Christina wasn't sure if she would like them and I wanted to test them out before committing. After they opened them up we counted to three and slurped them down. The result: we went back fro half a dozen more! Still hungry (oysters do not fill you up), we walked over to the Weenie Panini stand and ordered the Bacon Jack Grilled Chicken panini to spilt.

While we waited, we headed over to the outside bar and ordered a sangria each. This was the winner of their drinks on our opinion. It was not too sweet and very refreshing.

Once our food was ready, we picked it up and chowed down. The fresh tomatoes, crisp bread, moist chicken and smokey bacon blended so perfectly together. It hit the spot and we were very satisfied.

The hour we had to spend there flew by, we would have loved to spend at least another 30 minutes here. We will definitely be revisiting Osprey's Dominion Vineyard.

Back on the bus and 10 minutes down the road we arrived at Duck Walk Vineyards. Here, we were given 6 tickets and given the freedom to choose which wines we wanted to try. We stepped off the bus and walked into a large, wooded room with an overpacked bar. After trying to squeeze in, we saw an opening and got to start our tasting.

We tried 2 roses, a resiling, the windmill red and the Aphrodite dessert wine which was unbearably sweet. We were not too fond of any of the ones we tasted. Again, this is our taste pallet so yours can be very different, you may love what we hated. Our last tickets went to tasting the Blueberry Port dessert wine which was served with a chocolate. We were told to sip the wine, eat the chocolate then sip the wine again (sip, eat, sip). Christina liked it more than I did, I actually hated it and couldn't get past the 3rd sip.

So as far as Duck Walk Vineyard, we struck out here too. Time seemed to drag. There was not enough outdoor seating and we didn't want to stay inside the loud tasting room so we headed back to the bus and blasted some country music using the microphone.

Once everyone was loaded on the bus, we headed to our last vineyard. I guess they saved the best for last because Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard and Horse Rescue was amazing. It has everything you needed to spend an entire day there. There is an endless farmland, horses to pet, amazing food, great drinks and live music. We were handed our ticket stubs which we immediately turned all of them in to get a full glass of the Savannah Rose each. Finally, a winning wine!

We explored the jewelry stand an debated getting a cheese plate until we saw someone walk by with what looked like mini meat balls. In the back was a line for Billie Jeans Grille food truck. We ordered the Merlot Meatballs (they were sweet with a little tang and melted in your mouth) and the Seasoned Fries (crispy and served with a nest of shaved parmesan cheese on top). The food was outstanding.

Right next to the food truck was a pie stand from LI Pie Company and of course we had to sample! Christina tried the very berry and I tried the peach pie. They were both delicious, you can't go wrong with fresh fruit with a buttery crust.

We walked back over to the bar to get a some wine slushes. They are sweet but we LOVED them and the keep you very cool. We walked around to look at the horses with our wine slushes, listened to a great 90's cover band playing and explored the farm. Everything was so green and vibrant. You can take a break away from people by sitting the front porch in the shade, it's very peaceful there.

The ride home was long but being so exhausted, a lot of people fell asleep so it helped it go by a bit quicker. If you want to check out M&V Limousine Wine tours and what they have to offer head over to

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