Peaceful Woodlands Camping - Long Pond, PA

7:00pm Friday: The sun was going to be setting and the sky was dark and threatening. Andrew and I had been aruging for the past hour about if it was going to rain and if we should wait until the morning. (He wanted to wait, I wanted to chance it). The forecast said rain but I said had a feeling we would be okay so we loaded up the truck and trailer and headed down Route 80 to the Peaceful Woodlands Campground.

It poured most of the trip there, strikes of lightening danced across a pitch black sky and showed no hope of letting up but we pushed forward. Once we got into East Stroudsburg, the weather cleared up. The night remained calm when we arrived at the Peaceful Woodlands Campground, the bugs were determined to attach themselves to my body and flash light as we set up our tent in the pitch black.

10:00am Saturday: The morning dew left a film on my skin and the air was damp but cool, the birds were singing and nature was all around us.

Around 11am we headed over to "Chat-N-Chew Cafe" (248 PA-940, Blakeslee, PA 18610) for brunch. We were welcomed and waited on by a very friendly staff with sarcastic sayings on the backs of their shirts (sarcasm seems to be the theme of the restaurant). We ordered the specials which were the "Country Breakfast" and "The Big & Messy". The food was full of flavor, extremely filling and we left satisfied. I highly recommend coming here for breakfast or brunch, you will not leave disappointed.

12:00 and it's time to walk off that hearty meal so we headed to "Hawks Falls" in search of a waterfall.

We made a pitstop at Hickory Run State Forest Recreation Area to save my bladder from exploding. There's a swimming area, food, rest rooms, picnik table and some trails. It's a great place if you have a family. (They also have giant icepops that I couldn't resist)

We decided to explore a tiny waterfall across the lake with some very talkative bullfrogs.

Back down scenic Route 534 in Kidder we pulled off the main road to the parking area and headed down Hawk Falls trail.

With the humidity, it smelled and felt nothing short of a jungle. The squaking of the birds echoed through the forest and the azaleas lining the trail filled the air with their honey sweet perfume.

We found a few small waterfalls and streams off the trail.

As we continued down the slippery path with sweat beading down our necks, we heard the rushing of a larger waterfall. Over the bridge and down the wet rocks, the temperature dropped dramatically and we had reached our destination.

The water was crystal clear and as cold as ice but refreshing.

We hiked back up the trail and to our truck to head over to our next adventure.

We pulled into the parking lot of the Lake Harmony Inn where Lake Harmony Watersports is located. We each rented a paddle board for $20.00 per person for an hour.

This is the only photo I had because taking my phone on the paddle board was way to risky. We had an amazing time paddling around and making conversation with the locals that lived around the lake. The staff that was working was extremely helpful and generous, they told us to come back when we were done having fun. If you are in the area and want to spend some time on the lake you have to visit Lake Harmony Watersports ( you can get kyacks and paddle boats there too). After we were done goofing around we played a little cornhole then headed back to the campground to shower and eat.

As far as advising staying at Peaceful Woodlands Family Campground I give a very high recommendation. The bathrooms are pretty clean (bug free) and the owners are the nicest people you can meet. The campsites are very close together so you can always see your neighbors. It works well if you are freaked out about being in the woods because you don't feel as alone.

The campground also has quite a bit to do. There is a pavilion that they had lit up with live music playing Saturday night featuring a local country band called Tumbleweed.

On the grounds there is also a pool, ATV trails, a kids playground and a convenience store with a pool table and everything you may have forgot.

We closed the night out with a roaring fire, cold beer and some chocolate chip cookies.

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