Disney & The Beach - Orlando FL Experience

March 3, 2017- March 8, 2017

March 3rd: The Commute

Full speed ahead on the cheapest flight we could get to Orlando so we could visit Epcott and Universal Studios.

Last call for boarding: This was our first time flying Spirit Air, the bright canary yellow plane. It's the cheapest flight we could find and it's missing all of the conveniences of United Airlines' comphy seats and USB ports. However, if you are going a short distance like we did and want to spend as little as you can on the flight so you can enjoy more of your trip, this is definitely the way to go. Other than us almost missing our flight because we were too busying cheers-ing our Caribbean Sunset drinks on Instagram, Krissy having a "first time ever" flight panic attack, the pilot slamming on the brakes during our landing giving everyone whiplash and my ear drums feeling like they were going to explode, the flight went well. The thing about experiences, good or bad, they are part of the story. The trip wouldn't have been what it was without them so we embrace the negatives as much as the positives, especially because the negatives tend to be the funny parts of the story even if they were not so funny at the time.

Landed safe and sound 9:00pm. We got to baggage claim with enough time to take a ride on the belt before the luggage was thrown on and for Devin to argue with the airline about screwing her over on overcharging her bags. We packed up our rental Chevy Traverse and chaotically made our way to the hotel making sure to argue about the directions most of the way.

We made it to Westgate Lakes Resort around 11pm. Irina's parents had a time share that they let us rent from them for the trip (thanks guys!) which made staying there super affordable. We checked into our 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo and settled in which had the most INSANE tub surrounded by greek style collumns that of course we all had to climb into and have a bubble bath fully clothed. We spent the next couple hours exploring the grounds and taking advantage of the vending machines. Went to bed around 2:00am.

March 4th: Resort Exploring & VIP Clubbing

9:30am rise and shine! We set out to explore in the day time. We ran into a classic car show right on our grounds so we spent a good amount of time there (Side note: If you didn't read the "About Us" section - we all became friends through the automotive scene so this was very coincidental that there was a car show). In our exploring we found out there are multiple pools and bars, a lake where you can peddle boat, a mini golf course, tennis courts and a breathtaking island which we didn't visit until the day we left (much regretted) all on the resort grounds. We headed to the largest Wal-Mart we've ever seen just 5 minutes outside the resort to stock up on food. Traveler tip: Buy your food and cook yourself, if you go out all the time to eat you spend a boat load of money, but if you have the funds to do so, by all means eat out and enjoy!

Around 2:30 we found we needed to start drinking so we headed to the poolside bar for frozen drinks and shots. We continued to walk around and get drinks at each of the bars and check out the lake to go on the peddle boats. The peddle boats unfortunately didn't work out because it was too windy but we got to see a turtle and and admire the landscape. We basically spent the rest of the day at the pool, in the hot tub sipping those perfectly poured cocktails.

We headed back to the room for a quick nap around 7:00pm before heading out into the night. 10:00pm rolls around and my alarm goes off to warn me to start getting ready. Unfortunately, an alarm wasn't what woke up Andrew. He was woken up by Krissy and Kevin jumping up and down on his bed screaming "t-shirt time". We left looking dapper as ever and headed to downtown Orlando to Eve Night Club where we received VIP bottle service and danced our feet off. We left around 2:00am, Kevin was our D.D. - We don't condone drinking and driving which leads us to the mishap that was the parking lot. As we turn we walk into the lot, we see someone back their 350z into our rental. The guy was completely obliterated drunk as were a few of us and things got a little heated. We called the police and the situation was handled. Handled meaning he was arrested and didn't get away with drinking and driving.

March 5: An Epcott Adventure

After getting a very restful 3 hours of sleep we dragged ourselves over to Epcott with our turning stomachs and raccoon eyes. We went on a bunch of rides and had a blast, all was recorded on snap chat by yours truly. If you do plan to go to Epcott, please check out our "Trip Guide" section, in there you will find a complete beginning to end guide as to what rides to go on, where to eat and in what order that way you can get through everything in the day without wasting any time. There is also an unofficial "Drink Around the World" challenge you can do when there if you are trying to get drunk, which we skipped since our blood has turned into alcohol from the night before so we though it be best to not do that haha. Also I feel staying away from the "Drink Around the World" challenge helped us enjoy and appreciate the park more, not to say that we didn't partake in some of the fine beverages of a couple of the countrys. It's so full of culture and mind blowing buildings and settings. Each place really transports you to the country it's replicating. Coming here as an adult gave me so much more appreciation for it than as a kid. The rides before going into the country's are unforgettable so make sure to check out that guide! We took a walk through a market in Mexico and enjoyed a boat ride through their culture, visited the grass covered roofs of Norway, sipped on a flight of different beers in Germany, devoured an authentic Italian meal in Italy, admired the cultured gardens of Japan, explored the exotic shops of Moracco, visited the Eiffel Tower in France, squished ourselves in a telephone booth in the UK, got splashed by the waterfall in Canada then headed for a couple more rides and a spectacular firework and light show over the lake.

March 6: Unforgettable Universal Studios

Our main goal for going to Florida was to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal & Island of Adventure and let me tell you it does NOT disappoint. From the rides to the butterbeer, you were completely submerged in the magic of Harry Potter.

There is also a guide to Universal & Islands of Adventure in our "Trip Guide" section. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of being in The Wizarding World, it is something you have to experience yourself. The amount of thought and work that went into each and every aspect of this portion of the parks is outstanding and something to be admired.

Of course we didn't spend the whole day wrapped up in Harry Potter (although we could easily have).

We battled aliens on the Men In Black ride, took a crazy ride through Krusty Land, flew with E.T. on bicycles though an amazing adventure, shrunk down into Minions, faced the wrath of The Mummy and headed back to Diagon Alley to see it come alive at night (and also to stuff our mouthes with the best ice cream we've ever had!). Back at the resort, we soaked our exhausted feet in the giant hot tub and enjoyed a full nights rest.

March 7th: Sandy Feet at Cocoa Beach

We woke to the beautiful Florida sunshine around 10:00am and enjoyed breakfast on our balcony overlooking the lake. We lathered on the sunscreen, packed our beach bags and headed to Cocoa Beach.

The beach wasn't exactly what we were expecting, defiantly wouldn't be the beach we would visit the next time around but the tropical drinks at the Tiki Bar quickly helped us move on.

Our friends happen to be in the area so they stopped by and hung out with us on the beach. After some wave jumping, beach bumming and plenty of selfies, we headed back to the resort to cook dinner and have a late night swim session and had our friends stay the night.

March 8th: Time to Head Home

9:00 wake up time to pack and get ready to leave when we find Gabe sleeping outside on the deck lounge chair. We had our usual breakfast on the balcony and soaked in every last minute we could of being there. We took a walk out to the resorts island and reminisced about our trip and how fast it had gone by as we lay in the hammocks, cooled by a soft breeze. We couldn't have spent the trip with a better group of friends and we are so thankful that we were able to experience Orlando. The flight home was MUCH better than the flight there, we will definitely be using Spirit Airlines again.

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