About Us

We are a group of friends that enjoy traveling and experiencing everything life has to offer. We take trips and explore far and locally, write reviews, document as much as possible and hope to inspire our followers to travel as well. We enjoy everything from rugged to complete luxury so you won't find only one type of experience with us. 

This whole idea started out during our first trip in March 2017 to Orlando. The original group being Krissy, Nikol,  Andrew, Irina, Devin and Kevin. All of us met through the automotive scene beforehand and become very close. Each trip won't necessarily be the same group, it could be a couple or even just one. We will have adventures with different friends but there will always be at least one person from the original Florida group. You can find a picture and bio of each of us in the "Getting Personal" section. 

Please take a look through the page to find pictures, reviews and fully planned trips that you are welcomed to use as a guide if you wind up going where we have. 

Happy Travels,

The Travel Experiment